How Often Should I Wash?...

There are sooooo many things to keep up with when it comes to life in general! Get your oil changed, clean your bathrooms, pay your bills, get your car washed, wash your _____. The list goes on and on. We want to help make life a little easier by setting out a schedule you can print off or put in your calendar to keep up with when you need to wash what (and we aren't just talking laundry).

Sheets (weekly) – you need to try and wash these weekly especially if you have asthma, allergies or eczema which are can all be triggered by dust mites that thrive in dirty sheets, make sure you wash these at a high temperature to ensure you remove all unwanted pests

Pillows (3-6 months) – use a gentle cycle and wash them together

Jeans (4-5 wears) – you don't have to wash your jeans after every wear (unless you stained them or they have an unpleasant smell), instead wait until every 4th or 5th wear because they can shrink slightly each time, make sure you turn them inside out and wash in cold water then hang them to dry

Windows (twice per year) – clean them inside and outside with a sponge then squeegee to dry (if available)

Mattress (twice per year) – even though it looks intimidating, it's actually pretty easy to clean your mattress. Just vacuum the top using an attachment on your vacuum then remove any stains by wiping down the surface with a damp cloth and a small amount of stain remover (like Shout) then flip it over

Oven (twice per year) – some ovens have self-cleaners which you can set to do overnight, if not then remove the racks and leave them soaking in warm soapy water, spray the interior and door with oven cleaner and let it set for a few hours, then wipe it down and you're done

Sink (daily) – spray with disinfectant and wipe down

Toilet (weekly) – spray with disinfectant on the exterior and wipe down, then use toilet bowl cleaner on the inside with appropriate brush (let both sit for 10 minutes before cleaning)

Bath Towels (weekly) – as long as you are properly drying them after each use, you can wait a week before washing your bath towels

Vehicle (every 1-3 weeks) – depending on the season and the amount of build-up on your vehicle, you want to wash your car every 1-3 weeks and do-it-yourself washes are best because you can make sure you get the dirt off the proper areas

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